Carmel United Methodist Church

Carmel United Methodist Church

Carmel United Methodist Church

Carmel United Methodist Church

Carmel United Methodist Church

Monterey United Methodist Church

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Monterey United Methodist Church - Serving The Entire Monterey Bay Region

Welcome to the Monterey United Methodist Church. We are a unique congregation commited to assisting anyone who seeks help to make Christ's love come to light. Traditional worship is every Sunday Morning. Our style is informal and we regard prayer for each other as very important. Fellowship time follows traditional worship.

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Our church is small and quaint. We have an active Sunday school and offer VBS, bible study, loving childcare, and amazing preschool programs for kids. With many special programs and emphases through the year, we stay delightfully busy. Not only are our members active in church ministry and mission, they are working in the world with concern for animals, the environment, disaster relief, the hospital, culture and history, prison ministry, food and hunger and much more.

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The Love of Christ is Visible

The Monterey United Methodist Church offers a diverse congregation of people dedicated to helping make the love of Christ visible in Monterey and around the world.

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What We Can Offer You

Worship, prayer, Bible Study and education for children, friendship and fellowship, missions, justice and outreach concerns are all part of the United Methodist Church.

If you are looking for a local Monterey United Methodist Church with open hearts, open minds and open doors, call 831-375-8285 or contact us online.